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WorkKeys  |  KeyTrain/Career Ready 101

Alaska Career Ready is for educators:  teachers, school counselors, administrators, and other education professionals!

  • Want to help your students acquire the foundational skills needed for further education or the workplace?
  • Want to give your students a way to connect what they learn in school with what they'll need on the job or in future training?
  • Want to show your students what skills are really required by specific jobs or occupations?
  • Want to help focus your students’ attention on their future?

Alaska Career Ready can help you do these things and more!

"As a classroom teacher of 21 years, I see job profiles as the voice of industry in my classroom. I am charged with preparing students for careers/jobs after graduation, but it would be impossible for me to know all the requirements and expectations for every career/job. Through job profiles industry can speak to me providing the information I need to better prepare students for the careers/jobs of their choice. They can speak to the students as well, letting them know the requirements and expectations students need to meet, to achieve the future they desire."
   -- Susan Thames, Teacher, Dillingham High School

With Alaska Career Ready, you will know what skills employers want and be able to integrate them into your teaching and guidance activities.  By using the WorkKeys skills and targets for instruction, you can get ideas for building these foundational skills into your existing curriculum.

Alaska Career Ready provides FREE access to the KeyTrain/Career Ready 101 online instructional program that is targeted towards foundational skill-building. For more information about the Alaska Career Program--training schedule, the skills, teaching strategies, placement tests and lessons, job profiles, the education regulations, or the WorkKeys assessments--please see EED's website at

or contact Krista Jacoby, phone 907-465-6410 or email

Additional Educator Resources

  • E-Learning Module -
    Educators, log in to your E-Learning account as usual and add Alaska Career Ready to your course list! Great for the big-picture overview of WorkKeys and KeyTrain - the course is about 1.5 hours total.
  • WorkKeys Targets for Instruction -
    Developed by ACT, these PDF booklets give specific classroom lesson ideas for incorporating the teaching of WorkKeys skills in your classroom without inventing a new curriculum!
  • FREE WorkKeys practice test

    The Department of Education, through SLED (Statewide Library Electronic Doorway), offers a website with a variety of FREE resources for Alaskan students and adults.  One of the resources is the "Testing and Education Reference Center (TERC)", which offers free practice guides and tests for a wide variety of assessments, including WorkKeys Math and Reading. Please note these practice tests are NOT OFFICIAL ACT WORKKEYS PRACTICE TESTS. They have been developed by an independent company.

    Use this link and the bulleted steps below to get to the TERC website:

    • Scroll down to the letter "T" and choose "Testing and Education Reference Center."
    • Then, in the lower right-hand corner, click Go under Family College Planning Center
    • Look under the Test Preparation column for the heading "ACT WorkKeys Prep" to find the practice WorkKeys tests.
    • Before taking any of the practice tests listed, you will be asked to establish a username and password for future use.

Career Information Resources

Below are links to a variety of helpful career information and guidance resources you may use with your students.

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