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What will WorkKeys and the NCRC do for me?

Earning a National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) helps show employers your potential as a productive employee. It also can show that you possess the skills needed for training and promotion. To earn an NCRC, you must take three WorkKeys assessments (Reading for Information, Locating Information, and Applied Mathematics).

The NCRC provides you as a job seeker with a skill-based credential that can enhance career potential. It can show an employer that you can handle the kinds of tasks – locating information in a graphical format, reading instructions and directions, and working with math – that are common in today’s workplace.

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Which Alaska employers use WorkKeys and the NCRC? (updated December 31, 2010)

(To download a PDF file of the following employer list, click here.)

  1. BP uses WorkKeys for hiring Process Technicians
  2. Operating Engineers requires Apprenticeship applicants to have a minimum level 4 on all 3 WorkKeys assessments
  3. State of Alaska Accounting Clerk job class was Profiled and Silver NCRC is now accepted as meeting minimum qualifications to apply
  4. State of Alaska Office Assistant I was Profiled and a Bronze NCRC is now accepted as meeting minimum qualifications
  5. Construction Academy participants statewide are using the NCRC as a pre-requisite for getting into the Academy
  6. MASST (Mature Alaskans Seeking Skills Training) worker trainees in Job Centers are all working in CR 101 and getting their NCRC’s
  7. NANA Management Services (NMS) uses WorkKeys and NCRC
  8. GCI has added a link on their careers introduction page to include the Alaska Career Ready client brochure. Some of their entry-level jobs include preference for the NCRC.
  9. ABC (Associated Builders and Contractors) added WorkKeys Applied Mathematics Level 4 as an option to meet the math requirement.
  10. AJEATT Inside Wireman Apprenticeship Program in Anchorage accepts WorkKeys Applied Math Level 6 as an option to meet the math requirement. Applicants are encouraged to get their NCRC. Also, Students who need to improve their math skills can use CR 101 to prepare for a math class in their own computer lab.
  11. Alaska Teamster-Employer Service Training Trust asks all applicants to obtain a score of 4 or better on the WorkKeys assessments to add to their application packet.
  12. Plumbers & Pipefitters – Applicants for the Apprenticeship program must take the WorkKeys assessments and score at; Reading for Information Level 4, Applied Mathematics Level 5, and Locating Information Level 4, prior to their application submission
  13. IBEW - encourage applicants get their NCRC although it is not required

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How can I prepare for the tests?

Not sure if you are ready to take the assessments?  Want to brush up on those skills first?  Take a free pre-test and access thousands of practice lessons with the free instructional software called KeyTrain/Career Ready 101, available at the nearest Job Center.  Ask the Job Center staff how to obtain a username and password, then go to to begin!

provides the KeyTrain/Career Ready 101 program, a targeted curriculum written specifically to help people master the applied workplace skills as defined by WorkKeys®. As ACT's only Level 1 publisher, KeyTrain provides curriculum that is based on the WorkKeys targets for instruction and meets ACT’s quality standards. KeyTrain includes instruction for all levels of WorkKeys and pre-WorkKeys skills. It is available via Internet, CD, or print versions. The Internet and CD versions include a powerful management and student tracking system that allows for easy administration and detailed reporting of students’ progress in the program. The KeyTrain program incorporates a full natural voice soundtrack for improved focus and concentration, online access to the WorkKeys Occupational Profile Database, quick-assignment features based on Career Readiness Certificates or job profiles, pre- and post-quizzes, and many other useful features.

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How and where do I take the tests?

WorkKeys® assessments, used to earn a National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC), are available in most Alaska Job Centers to job seekers who register to search for work in the Alaska Labor EXchange system (ALEXsys). The assessments are proctored in a scheduled workshop setting and capacity may be limited. Job seekers are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the Career Ready 101 pre-courseware before taking the assessments to ensure success. Please contact your local job center for further information and a listing of their scheduled workshops.

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More information about WorkKeys and the NCRC

National Career Readiness Certificate

WorkKeys skills and assessments

How to Use Your WorkKeys Scores (1.5 MB PDF)

NCRC Core Assessments for Certification

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